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Things to Think About When Interviewing an Associate Dentist

Congratulations! You made the decision to hire an associate! You created a fantastic listing on the Dentist Job Connect Platform,  you shared about your practice on social media, our Job Connect Team shared your ad with our network of job seekers and now applicants are beginning to connect with you! You are ready to start the interview process!

The interview with an associate dentist is a chance to really showcase who you are as a practice owner, what your office needs are, what your office culture is like, and what opportunities for growth would be for your associate. This is also a time for you to make sure that you and your potential associateship have the same expectations going into the relationship to set the stage for a successful associateship.

Here are some key points to consider when you are preparing for your first round of interviewing potential associates.

  •  Why is your office hiring an associate? Is your associate position a car or a boat? Learn more about this here! 
  •  Be able to authentically explain your “M+M+Ms.” (Mentorship, Money, Morale).
    • MONEY- The money the associate will make is very important because dental school loans can be very high. It is important to be clear about what the compensation opportunity is. 
    • MENTORSHIP- will they be able to get guidance, advice, help and support from you? Will there be CE opportunities?
    • MORALE- What is the culture that you create? Is this a place where they want to walk into work? Does it feel like a team and family environment to them? 
  •  The key to success in your relationship with your associate is managing expectations. Take the time to share them and keep open communication.
  •  Create a menu of core procedures and services to go over.
  •  Develop, use, and listen to your team of advisors.
  • Share the story of your amazing dental practice, team and patients.
  •  Avoid WTF (Why These Fail) Associates via a guaranteed salary with bonus incentives.
  •  Share with the associate your short, medium, long long-term business plans while focusing on an “awesome first year together.”
  •  Remember- dental offices are “people, places, NOT pizza places.” 
  • Showcase the genuine reality of your dental practice by inviting your potential associate to a full-day observation program.